How To Eliminate Crickets From Your Home 


The sound of crickets on a warm summer day has been romanticized in the movies as well as in real life for years. It can be relaxing to sit with your family or spouse after dinner, listen to the sound of crickets on your lawn, and have cold ice cream. However, it does not feel pleasant when you hear the same sound inside your house or coming from your basement. 

Some pests are only nice when they limit themselves to the outside of your house. It is not fun to share your living space with bugs, even though they do not pose a health threat to humans. Thankfully, it is easy to keep crickets under control. Click on this website to hire professional pest control and get rid of crickets today. 

Tips to eliminate crickets from your home 

  • Seal and conceal the interior of your home. 

Crickets are not as tiny as fleas and bed bugs, but they can still make their way into your house through gaps and cracks in the foundation. You should also check for windows, doors, the space under the doors, and ventilation points. If too many crickets are entering your property, make sure to keep all doors and windows locked after sundown. You can also invest in insect screens to seal your home off. 

  • Make yard improvements. 

Like many other pests, crickets build nests as well, and they like to create them in your garden or yard. To prevent this from happening, try to avoid keeping tall grass or relocate them. Maintain your lawn and make sure to trim the grass on time so that it looks neat and clean. The more tall grass there is, the more area these bugs get to build nests and hide themselves. If you have firewood, store them at a distance from your home so that the bugs do not find their way into your house via the wood. 

  • Get a cat. 

If you are a cat lover, you may already have at least one of them in your house. However, if you are not a cat lover, this option may not be for you. Regardless, cats are expert cricket hunters. Dogs do a good job, too, but they do not beat cats. 

Despite being on cricket duty all the time, you may find it challenging to eradicate all of them from the property. Cats can become a helping hand in this regard. They can keep the crickets under control throughout the year. And do not worry; crickets are nutritious for your cats! 

Hire professional pest control today. 

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