What Happens If Synthetic Turf Floods?


Your synthetic turf might get exposed to harsh weather if used outdoors. Across the nation, many areas face heavy rainfall, snowfall, and flooding at times. Flooding is a big issue, especially during bad weather and along the coast.

It can affect anyone, regardless of where they live. Both grass and synthetic turf can be affected by flooding, but flooding usually causes more damage to grass than synthetic turf. In most cases, synthetic turf isn’t even prone to flooding. There are differences between flooding on grass and flooding on synthetic turf, as well as what you can do if flooding occurs. You’ll be amazed at the results.

What Happens When Real Grass Floods?

Real grass fields can flood during bad weather. In extreme conditions, lots of water can gather on the grass. At first, there might be minor flooding, with water starting to collect. If the rain keeps coming and flooding continues, the water will keep building up. Puddles will grow bigger and bigger because real grass doesn’t have a fast drainage system. 

This means flooding will last a while. It takes time for floodwaters to go away from real grass. After the water’s gone, there’s still mud and mess left behind. Plus, there’s debris that the water and floods brought with them. It’ll be quite a while before the grass gets back to normal.

What Happens When Synthetic Turf Floods?

During severe storms, water can accumulate on synthetic turf. Over time, puddles may form and grow, but there’s no mud or debris left behind, which is great. If there’s a lot of water, synthetic turf usually has drainage systems to prevent flooding when it doesn’t rain too much. However, after heavy rain, puddles might still appear.

It might take a few days for the puddles to drain away completely, but synthetic turf is tough and flexible. It’ll bounce back without any damage. Even if there’s some small debris carried by the water, it can be easily hosed away.

Synthetic turf is built to withstand all kinds of weather, including flooding. Give us a call to learn more about what synthetic turf can do for you. Say goodbye to muddy messes and long recovery times after flooding with synthetic turf.

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