Where Do Roaches Like to Congregate in Your House?


Cockroaches are nasty creatures that can be hard to eliminate once they invade your home. The reason is that finding them is not easy. Indeed, these pests are great hiders that you might know you have a roach infestation until it has progressed significantly. A skilled pest control expert knows where roaches tend to hide. Knowing their hiding spots help you detect an infestation while it is minor and easy to treat. Also, this helps you determine whether it is time to visit us today for professional termite treatment. The following are common places where you can find roaches in your house:

Cabinets and Drawers

Roaches invade cabinets and drawers to find food like crumbs or drops left behind while someone in your house grab a snack or prepare food. These pests can slip into small cracks, so do not be surprised to see them in seemingly tightly closed spaces. Cabinets and drawers should be cleaned regularly to eliminate liquids and foods that could draw them to these spaces. 

Sinks and Drains

Cockroaches will go into watery drains to find food crumbs. To keep food out, place a strainer on the sink. Also, disinfect the sink regularly. Make sure to check the pipes, bathroom, toilets, showers, or sinks frequently for leaks. Any amount of water that pools under the sink can offer lots of hydration for roaches. 


Food debris, warmth, and moisture can attract cockroaches, and your kitchen appliances usually provide them. Roaches usually congregate in under the stove, at the back of the fridge, and behind the dishwasher. You should pull out such appliances regularly, so you can clean the space behind them. Inspect for leaks and fix them right away. 

Trash Cans

Roaches cannot overlook your trash can due to the availability of their survival items in there. To prevent this from happening, ensure your trash cans are fitted with tight lids and emptied regularly. Also, you should consider keeping food scraps in a compost bin outside your house. 


Roaches prefer to congregate in dark and secluded places. They can be found in the nooks of and underneath your furniture. To make your furniture less attractive to roaches, vacuum it regularly. But to keep the pests out of your valuable pieces, get a pest control expert to apply effective preventive treatments. 


Food crumbs can get inside your computer whenever you eat something while working. Roaches will not hesitate to go inside the computer keyboard for such crumbs. To prevent this from happening, keep food away from your electronics and clean them regularly with canned air.

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