Call Professional Pest Control for House Fly Removal If DIY Methods Fail


House flies are found everywhere. They carry germs as they sit on unhygienic spots and can spread diseases. Their presence in your kitchen can contaminate the food. It can cause irritation and discomfort. The home environment starts feeling unhygienic. Even if the germs transmitted to your drink or food carry low harm, it is essential to reduce their impact.

You can use several DIY methods to remove the undesired guest from your property. If these methods prove ineffective, you can call Pest Control Manchester services to ensure a fly-free environment.

DIY methods to remove house flies

  • The first line of defense is to keep them from entering your home. So, install door and window screens to block their entry.
  • Maintain cleanliness. Never leave food uncovered and tightly seal the garbage bins.
  • If flies have already infested your property, you can use various natural repellents. There are flowers like lavender and marigold and herbs basil and bay leaves that can avert houseflies. These have strong smell, which houseflies dislike. You can plant them around your home.
  • Similarly, spray strong smelling essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and citronella inside your home to keep them away.
  • An effective trap involves mixing dish soap and vinegar in a bowl. Cover with plastic wrap punched with some holes. This will allow the flies to enter. Flies are attracted to vinegar, while the dish soap breaks the surface tension, causing them to drown.
  • Mix cayenne pepper with water and spray the solution around your house. It deters the houseflies from entering the home.
  • You can plant several Venus flytraps. It is a carnivorous plant and is a natural way to catch flies.

When to call pest control services? Why?

If the DIY methods don’t yield the desired outcomes, it is time to contact professional pest control services in Manchester. The first step is to identify which kind of fly they must deal with. Different flies have unique characteristics, behaviors, and preferred breeding grounds, which necessitates tailoring strategies for efficient control. For example, identifying a housefly from a fruit fly determines the eradication methods.

Pest control professionals can recognize the species of flies, find their breeding grounds, and use safe and effective measures to eliminate them. Targeted insecticides and baits successfully destroy the flies, but they don’t harm humans or pets.

Larvicides are used to prevent future fly breeding. These treatments target fly larvae, disrupting their life cycle and reducing the population. They suggest some preventive measures to keep your home fly-free for a long time in the future. It includes proper sanitation, like cleaning bins, removing rotten produce, and addressing potential breeding grounds.

They may even advise homeowner’s structural property modifications to keep flies away in the future. If your home doors and windows need a fly screen, make sure to have a customised design. It ensures that the flies will hardly gain entry inside your home.

If you are dealing with housefly infestation, consider calling a professional pest control company in Manchester for a thorough and efficient solution.

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